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August 24th Farm Event to Focus on Value-Added Grains Production from Field to Table

08/08/2019 - Due to the burgeoning local foods movement, demand for locally grown small grains and specialty grains far outstrips supply in our region. A field event on Saturday, August 24th at Earth's Harvest Farm (Morris, NY) will explore opportunities to profitably grow, process, and market these grains. A tasting session will also allow participants to sample a variety of grain products.

In addition to the small grains (wheat, barley, oats, and rye), other value-added grains that can be grown in our area include the ancient wheats einkorn, emmer, and spelt, heirloom corn, buckwheat, and flax, among others. On hand to discuss management techniques for these grains, including combining and postharvest handling tips to maintain high grain quality, will be local grower Bill Powers, longtime organic grain grower and co-owner of the Farmer Ground Flour Mill, Thor Oechsner, and agronomist Dr. Elizabeth Dyck.

Paul Koch, operator of Earth Harvest's Farm, will lead a tour of his micro-processing facility that produces organic hot cereals and flours. A series of newly available and affordable processing equipment, including seed cleaners, an oat roller, and combined hammer mill and dehuller will also be demonstrated. A discussion of marketing options, including the development of a local mill and community kitchen enterprise, will precede a tasting of cooked grains and dishes and baked goods prepared by local chefs and bakers.

The event, for which an entrance fee of $15 is requested, will run from 2-5 pm. Earth's Harvest Farm is located at 2835 NY- 51, Morris, NY 13808. The event is co-sponsored by the Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE) and the Organic Growers' Research and Information-Sharing Network (OGRIN).

For more information, contact Elizabeth Dyck at phone: 607-895-6913 or email: edyck@ogrin.org or visit www.ogrin.org.

The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to increase the number and diversity of successful farm enterprises and related businesses in upstate New York. CADE seeks to build a vibrant food system in which locally owned agricultural businesses thrive and consumers are nourished by healthy, sustainably produced food. Visit our website at www.cade.org and sign up for mailing list to stay informed about our workshops and other CADE activities.

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October 17 2019
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