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Flood Grants Available to Local Bursinesses and Commercial Buildings

01/27/2012 - With the assistance of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), Delaware County Economic Development announced today that it has begun accepting grant applications from local businesses and commercial building owners who were impacted by the floods resulting from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. The NYS Agriculture and Community Recovery Funds (ACRF) being made available are a direct result of the November 16th allocation announcement made by Governor Cuomo. Additionally, funding for Delaware County's Flood Recovery Grant program was made available by a NYS Homes and Community Renewal grant award under the Consolidated Funding Application introduced in 2011. In total, $700,000 is being made available locally in the communities hardest hit by the flooding; primarily Fleischmanns, Margaretville, and Sidney. However, funding is not entirely limited to these communities.

Businesses throughout Delaware County were devastated by the flooding events resulting from Hurricane Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee. Many of these businesses were left with extreme physical damages, while others suffered significant business losses in terms of lost sales through prolonged road closures and unsafe bridges, as well as lost product, services and inventory caused by power outages. "Although the funds will not be able to address all of the need given the massive amount of devastation present, it will certainly have a positive impact for a number of businesses, and effort continues to seek additional flood recovery funds", stated Economic Development Director, Glenn Nealis.

Currently, Delaware County Economic Development is offering a grant program focused on the rehabilitation of flood impacted buildings, and two other programs focusing on aiding businesses in recovering from the non-construction related financial burden of the flooding. Despite some slight differences between the programs, a single application form will be utilized. All flood impacted commercial owners and flood impacted business owners are encouraged to submit an application for funding consideration. If an applicant owns multiple properties, or businesses, a separate application will need to be submitted for each. Each application submitted will be reviewed for funding eligibility under each of the three available programs.

Expenditures relating to the repair of flood impacted commercial buildings or the recovery efforts of flood impacted businesses incurred as early as September 15th, 2011 should be included in the application. Eligible activities under the flood impacted building repair program include, but are not limited to, the rehabilitation of buildings for commercial use and the replacement of permanent fixtures and equipment (i.e. foundation repairs, heating system replacement/relocation, electrical system replacement/relocation, etc). The cost of other flood related expenses such as, cleanup costs, pump-out costs for basements and oil tanks, refueling/replacing impacted oil tanks, replacing inventory and supplies lost/spoiled in the flood, replacing shelving, furniture, fixtures and equipment, utilities during times the business was forced to remain closed due to repairs needed, and road closure/state of emergency declaration are considered eligible under the non-construction flood relief programs. Maximum award amounts for building repairs will be limited to $50,000 per building, and non-construction related projects will allow a maximum award of $20,000.

With so many businesses and buildings having been impacted by the flooding, and the relatively small amount of grant funds available, the department encourages the prompt completion and return of the application form and necessary supporting documents. The current level of funding for the flood relief programs are limited and the programs are designed to get the assistance to impacted businesses as quickly as possible.

Funds under these programs will be made available on a reimbursement basis, requiring approved applications to submit invoices and documentation of payment for reimbursement requests to be processed. Requests for payment on invoice will be considered in extenuating circumstances on an individual project basis. The grant shall reimburse only those costs deemed to be reasonable and appropriate to aid the business in recovery.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and determinations expedited. To request program rules and an application for the flood recovery programs please contact Lori Paulson at: Delaware County Economic Development, One Courthouse Square, Suite 4; Delhi, NY 13753; email (subject line: Flood Recovery Grants) to lori.paulson@co.delaware.ny.us, or phone (607) 746-8595.

For more information on additional economic development programs within Delaware County please visit our new website www.dcecodev.com.

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