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4-H Public Presenters Excel in 2012!

03/16/2012 - by Emily Roach, 4-H Community Educator

4-H Public Presentations are a premier event that everyone looks forward to year after year. We enjoy seeing youth become more confident and experienced speaking in public. Many times our first time presenters are very nervous and might not even talk, but they took the first step and got up in front of the judge. Then the next year when they return they are more confident and are able to present. It is great to see how a young 4-Her progresses and gains more ease and comfort in public speaking from year to year.

New York State public presentations consist of five different categories of presentations that a 4-Her can create and execute, with a variety of options within the different categories. They can do a Demonstration, where the presenter shows and explains how to do or make something and has a finished product. An Illustrated Talk is when a presenter uses only visual aids to tell about a topic. In a Formal Speech, the presenter aims to persuade, motivate, or inform the audience without the use of visual aids and the presenter must use an original piece of work. While doing Recitations the presenter, with the use of vocal inflection and body language as communication tools, delivers renditions of a piece of pre-written material. Dramatic Interpretation has the presenter or team, deliver a re-enactment of a piece of scripted material.

On Saturday Feb. 4, and Saturday, Feb. 11, 117 Delaware County 4-Hers presented their presentations to volunteer judges at Deposit, Hobart, and Hamden. 27 of these presenters were selected to go on to the District level to represent Delaware County on March 31st. All the presenters did a GREAT job, and we cannot wait to see everyone present at the Delaware County Fair in August.

We would like to thank the judges and teens who helped out at these events: Judges Jill Lutz, Terry Hannum, Linda Baudendistel, John McClenon, Becky Walley, Kathy Sherwood, Nancy Gavett, Linda DeAndrea, and Deb Muller, Teens Ian Kilmer, Adam Seward, Kimberly Kehr, Brandi Kilmer, Justine Bishop, Angel Alonso, Rachel Maxwell, Mikaelan Cucciarre-Stuligross, and Nick Hannum.

Some of the exciting and interesting presentation topics included, "Wild Hogs" an Illustrated Talk by Megan Andersen of Long Eddy; "Magic's Minty Horse Treats" a Demonstration by Hannah Baxter of Delancey; "The Highwayman" a Dramatic Interpretation by Justine Bishop of Delhi, "Preamble to the Constitution;" a Recitation by Daniel Cerosaletti; and "All Horses Are Not The Same" a Horse Communications presentation by Nathan DuMond of Masonville. Great job to all!

For more information on 4-H or to join 4-H, please contact Emily Roach at 607-865-6531.

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