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A Heartfelt Thanks

03/23/2012 - Early in December of 2011 a friend approached me about putting on a benefit for me, and he wanted to know if it would be okay. At that time I had been out of work for almost six months, and my friend knew how difficult things had been for myself and my family. I said to let me think about it. In another two weeks the same friend came back to me and said that he and other friends from the Walton Village Police Department had decided that they were going to do the benefit. He said that they knew I would never come back to them to do it. At that time they started the planning for late January, after everyone was done with Christmas.

Within days my family received a large amount of freshly baked food delivered to our door. The next day there was more, and the next. After about two weeks I learned that the food had been prepared by Wilma Hannon at Danny's Restaurant. For a while we ate like royalty. It was great food.

Once the benefit was scheduled donations started trickling in right away. All funds were taken care of by Dan St. Jacques, a Walton Police Officer, and his wife, Donna, who did a great job of documenting everything, including paying outstanding bills and our mortgage which was far behind. People started coming up to me who read about my cervical spinal injury in The Walton Reporter, the County Shopper and the Daily Star; people that hadn't known of our circumstances. Everyone was very supportive.

The night of the benefit, January 20th, 2012 I was picked up at my house by my friend, John Cornwell and driver to the Walton Fire Hall, There were so many cars that all spaces were taken up. It was very humbling to see so many people standing in line to eat a spaghetti dinner because they wanted to help our family. Even some friends of mine, Bill and Marcia Hastings, who now live above Lake George, had driven down to be there for me. I saw many people that I know, and also many that I didn't. There were numerous people that I had met while on patrol through the years that remembered our contact and reminded me of it. I received cards and donations from far away states, some from people whose paths I had crossed, but others just from very kind people. Local businesses helped in a huge way too, donating food and money.

The benefit was a huge success. Even beyond the money that people had donated, knowing that there were so many people that cared about us enough to come and show their support for me was overwhelming and humbling. I had been getting very discouraged, due to ongoing health problems stemming from my spinal injury and surgery, and the fact that I couldn't do a lot of things. The benefit was more than I could hope for.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way, everyone who sent cards, everyone who showed us kindness in any way. We won't forget any of it. We would also like to thank our friends at the Walton Police Department. They spent a lot of time and energy in the weeks leading up to the benefit and during the benefit. They even helped us at home, cutting firewood, making dump runs and doing other things. Thanks to our friends at the Delaware County Sheriff Department that came and helped at the benefit. Thanks to the Walton Fire Department for all of their help with the benefit. Thanks to our past Mayor Edward Snow and District Attorney Richard Northrup who were so kind to help serve at our benefit. Thanks to everyone who remembered us in their prayers.

We are still sending out personal thank you cards to people that we have contact information for. I know we will overlook some, as there were so many, but we won't forget what you did. You all helped out in a huge way. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Bruce & Catherine Palmer

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