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06/22/2012 - Dare to write this summer! Writers in the Mountains (WIM) will present two summer classes: Journaling with Ev Ellsworth - July 10 through Aug. 14, and Journaling to Memoir with Barbara Apoian - Aug. 23 to Sept. 27. These six-week classes, taken separately or as a complete summer experience, will offer writers of all levels the tools and support needed to ease into journaling and then bringing their journaling into essay or memoir under the direction of WIM's most popular teachers.

July 10 - August 14 - JOURNALING with EV ELLSWORTH

Ev Ellsworth helps even the most skeptical and scared novice dare to write! All are welcome -- new diarists as well as veteran journal-keepers. Class participants will agree to write several pages weekly, read them aloud in class, listen to the work of other class members, and join in discussions of the work and the craft of writing. Ev is very happy to be presenting her class at Pine Hill Community Center, Main St., Pine Hill on Tuesdays, for six sessions, 10 a.m. - noon. Class fee is $50 if you register three weeks before class and $60 after that.

Ev is a remarkable "journalist" herself, and through her sensitivity and understanding, writers can expect an encouraging environment in her workshop. Ev taught English in Northern New Jersey for many years. She served as the Director of WIM for two years and remains active with the organization. She leads WIM's Introductory Journal Writing classes both in winter and summer.

August 23 - September 27 - JOURNALING TO MEMOIR with BARBARA APOIAN

This summer, participants, including those fresh from Ev Ellsworth's Journaling class, will have the unique opportunity to develop and expand their journal pieces into personal essay or memoir under the careful direction of Barbara Apoian, who will provide gentle, constructive critiquing and suggestions that will enhance and shape their work. WIM will offer the six-session Journaling to Memoir class, Aug. 23 through Sept. 27, Thursdays, 10 a.m. - noon at The Fairview Public Library, Margaretville. Class fee is $50 if you register three weeks before class and $60 after that.

Barbara Apoian became an integral part of WIM when she moved to Roxbury permanently in 1994. She was a travel writer and coordinator in London, Paris and New York, as well as a public relations/publicity writer in the field of Architecture and Interior Design in New York City. Barbara studied Creative Fiction Writing at NYU and for the past twelve years has taught WIM's Critics Corner Class. Barbara teaches Memoir at Life Long Learning Academy, U. of S. Florida, Sarasota and presents her "People & Places" and "Among My Souvenirs" performance/readings at various Performing Arts Centers around the country.

Writers in The Mountains is a local writing group whose mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the practice, appreciation and sharing of creative writing. Our workshops are informal, meeting from three to six sessions. Each participant has the chance to read aloud either a new work, or a work in progress. The instructor and the other writers in the workshop will critique the writing, offer constructive criticisms and suggestions for improvement.

To register for these exciting summer classes, or to get more information, call Jean Stone at 607-326-4802, e-mail her at jtstone@wildblue.net, or fill out the registration form on WIM's website: www.writersinthemountains.org. Class fee is $50 if you register three weeks before class and $60 after that. If you register online and do not receive a confirmation within one week, please email Jean, your form may not have gone through.

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