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Digital Art Guidelines

Picture Perfect.
In order to ensure acceptable print quality, it is extremely important that the proper resolution be used when submitting digital artwork. When the DPI (dots per inch) resolution is too low, the result is poor print quality. Here are a few tips:

Acceptable Resolutions.
It is extremely important that the proper resolution be used when submitting digital artwork. This occurs when a graphic is placed that has a DPI (dots per inch) resolution too low for print quality.

If Scanning.
Set your scanner’s resolution to 200dpi (dots per inch). Scan your image in as full color - even if it is an old black & white photo. This preserves all the tones and details of the photograph. After your image has been scanned to your computer, you need to resize the photo so it is not too big to e-mail.

Resize Your Image.
In order to send the file via e-mail while preserving its quality, simply lower the resolution while increasing the file size in proportion. For example: If your logo is 3 inches wide at 300 dpi the file size will be lowered if you change it to 6 inches wide at 150 dpi. Adjust your file using this method to lower its size to under 2 MB. Save your file as a jpeg, eps, or tiff . If you save your file as a jpeg, save it with the least amount of compression or highest quality.

Logos, Line Art, & Text.
Logos must be sent in color at the correct resolution to ensure legibility. The original logo must be at least 300 dpi. This high resolution usually makes the file too big to email (over 200 MB). Refer to Resize Your Image in order to send the file via e-mail.

Internet Graphics.
Graphics downloaded or saved from web pages are not acceptable for print. These graphics have low resolution images (usually 72 DPI), which are fine for screen display, but far below acceptable quality standards for print.

• Images need to be at least 150 dpi preferably 300 dpi.

• Logos or Text need to be 300 dpi or greater.

• All files must be saved in Full Color.

• Digital art files should be saved as JPG,EPS,or TIFF format.

To send your image by e-mail, please contact your sales representative. To find your sales rep. see our contact sales page.

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