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Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, My name is Aiden and I am 3 1/2 years old. I live in Holtsville, NY with my family. My nanny lives upstate NY in Stamford. I would like to have a nice dinner with all my family. I would also really like ALL MY TRANSFORMERS, cause I like them. Even though it is hard sometimes, I am being a good listener for my mommy and daddy and my teachers at school. i am also trying to be nice to my baby sister so that you dont bring me rocks! Thank you.


Dear Santa,

My name is Ava and I am 19 months old. I live in Holtsville, NY with my mommy, daddy and big brother Aiden. My nanny lives in Stamford, NY. I am looking forward to christmas and see all my family. I have been a good girl for my mommy and daddy and I have been sharing my toys with my big brother. I would like a dollhouse and a dora backpack for christmas please. thank you.

love, Ava

Dear Santa,
How are you doing?  Thank you for the presents you brought to me and my sister last year. We really liked them. 
What are you bringing us this year?  Could you bring my sister, Annlyse, some toys that are dolls and maybe a play kitchen.
I would really like a pop-gun and a Nerf shotgun. I also want a HotWheels set that changes colors when the cars get wet. 
Don't forget to bring toys for all friends and cousins too.  We've all been good boys and girls this year.
Love, Adin

Dear Santa Claus,
First I want to know how you are doing.  My name is Sierra Kemp I'am 5 years old. I live in Walton, N.Y. with my Mom &  Dad, my sister Jolene who is 12 years old. For Christmas I want a mp3 player, digital camera, new family for my dollhouse, diapers and bid, food for my baby alive doll. And for my sister she wants a digital camera,clothes. Can you please wake me and sister up because we really like you.
Love, Sierra

Dear Santa,
I am Savanna and will 4 yr old on December 8th, 2009. I would love more Babies Dolls and Baby clothes = please and pink blanket for my new bed. My sister Kaylee will be 1 yr. old Dec. 23. Please a new teddy for her and a new blanket for her too. There will be cookies, milk, carrots for the Reindeers when you come to my house. Please and thank you Sanat.
Savanna & Kaylee Blair

Dear Santa Claus,
What I want for Christmas is anything you give me.

Love, Morgan

Santa Claus Thank you

Dear Santa,
My name is Zackery Gardner. I am 4 years old, and I have been a very good boy this year. I want a Nintendo DS, Hotwheels walkies talkies, size 6 pants, and really cool toys! I will leave cookies and milk on the table for you. Thank you!

Dear Santa,

My name is London Gardner and I am 21 months old. I want lots of toys for Christmas, my brother and I will leave cookies and milk on the table for you.
Thank you, Love,

Dear Santa,
How many Reindeer do you have? 8? I would like a Gator please.

5 years old

Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? What do you feed your Reindeer? How old are you?
What is your favorite kiad of cookie? I would like a real horse please!
Love, Michaela
Age 6

Dear Santa,
I am 8 and I want
1. dsl 2. you can give my anything
from Chandler

Dear Santa,
This year I am 4 years old. I have been Really good this year: For Christmas I want…
1. a baby, 2. a girl car, 3. kitchen set with dishes & food, 4. baby furreal friend, 5. lip gloss
2. Please, Please, Please!
P.S. I will leave you cookies and milk. Also oatmeal for your reindeer.
Yours truly

Dear Santa,
My name is Justin and I am 4 years old. How are your reindeer doing? Are they practicing flying for Christmas Eve?
I have been a good boy this year. I have been a little bad, too, because I got some timeouts, but I try to be a good boy all the time.
Here is my list for Christmas:
A nerf gun, race care set, a big ladder for me and Daddy, more Geotrax trains, lots of puzzles, and a big boy bike, mouse toys for my cats, a bone for my dog, a big picture of a turkey, more blocks, trucks, playdoh, and lots of stickers.
I love you Santa for brining me special stuff.

Dear Santa,
I am 6 years old. I have been super good. for Christmas I want a nake brothers drums, Pokemon Diamond and Peah DS game.
From Cody
I will leave cookies

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl could I please have a talking baby, guitar, books, puzzles, pen with lots of colors, baby sling, new playdoh for Christmas.
Thank you. Form Meredith Johanna Shivers
Age 5


Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Are the elves making a lot of toys? I am making home made cookies for you. May I have a D.S. game, jewelry, and makeup? I cleaned the computer room and I helped my mom. I’ve been a good girl this year!

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Is Ruldoph coming this year? I have done chores every Wednesday. I have cleaned the bathroom and I have cleaned the windows. May I have flick tricks and a RV where I can store the little bikes, the game Rock Band for PS2 and night vision binoculares. Merry Christmas.

Dear Santa,
Hi, how are you? I am great! I can’t wait for Christmas. I want Assassin Creed 2 for Xbox 360. I also want lots of Star Wars toys and as many GI. Joes as you can carry and a puppy for my mom, a real puppy that stays small.

Dear Santa,
Hi, how are your elves doing? I will give you oreo cookies on Christmas eve. Please get me the Airhogs switchblade and a Nerf blaster. It doesn’t matter what Nerf blaster it is. Can I please have the Zero Gravity Micro car? Please can I have a Springer spaniel dog, and a DSI? I have been good this year. I helped mom set up after school. Merry Christmas!
From Daemon

Dear Santa,
How are you? How many reindeer do you have? What I want for Christmas is a DS, a laptop, a lego set, a red wagon, a tractor, and markers, and big Drago, a some bakugan, and have a Happy new year! Thank you for the toys!
Your best friend,

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa, I would like a laptop. Me and my brother would like a dogbone, and a puppy, and a cellphone. How are the reindeer? How are you Santa?

Dear Santa,
How are you Santa Claus? For Christmas I would like toy tractor, shovel, pajamamas, paper, markers, clothes, pencils, doll, stuff animals, and a blacket. How are the reindeer? Thank you.
Your budy,

Dear Santa,
How are you? For Christmas I want a DSI, a Laptop, and Legos, and Bakugan, and Xbox 350,. How are your reindeer?

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa. How are you doing? Well I hope you are doing good. This year I would like a DS, and 10 new books a bike and a lot of toys. Allright I am done with my speech but before I go how is Rudolph?
Thank you and have a good Christmas!

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like a DS and a smart board. Thank you Santa.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? How are your reindeers doing? This year I want a suffed animal, a toy cat and dog, a real little puppy, a p.s.p., d.s. games, a mini smart board, How is Mrs. Claus?
Kassidy W

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa how are you? Thank you for my Christmas toy and a playstation3 a X-Box 360 game Lego Starwars and a Boxing game Bakugan please say Hi to Rudolph. Thanck you for the toys Also Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeekule.
Your Buddy

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa. This year I will like a Husky puppy and a Laptop, and a collar a leash, and a Hula-hoop, and TV, and a DVD player, and a Arabian horse, a dogsbone, and a cell phone. How are the reindeer?

Dear Santa,
Hi santa how are you? Can I have a i pod and a laptop and a dog bone for ranger and a shark vaccum clener and army of two and bakugan and a DSi. Thank you Santa,
Your frend

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa claus for Christmas I would like a Laptop, Bakugan, Transformers, Alvin and the chipmunks, the movie. Can I ask you some thing how are your reindeer? Hove a safe trip.

Dear Santa,
How are you Santa? Can I have some pokemon cards, and a remote control helicopter How many elves do you have? Can I have a movie about the Dog who saved Christmas? Can I have a PSP? Can I have a DS? How is Rudolph on one more thing a miny Smart board.
Hunter Bevins

Dear Santa,
Hi Santa. This year I want a labtop a cell phone a cat and a prett toy horse and Rudolph, and a puppy. How are you’re reindeer?

Dear Santa,
How are you? This year I would like a big bakugan, Transfomers, PSP, a X box a Will a DS, smart board Thank you for all of these things.
Your friend

Dear Santa,,
How are you? This year, I want a ps-go, a playstetion, a Loptop, a smart board How is Rudolph doing?
Your buddy

Dear Santa,
HI Santa May I have laptop, and a baby reindeer, and please bring me a DSI may I have a cellphone oh and I just remembered hows the reindeer? Bring a zoozoo pet please, and thank you Santa I hope you have a Christmas

Dear Santa,
May I have a DSI, can I have a GameBoy, I want Lego racers, How is your life? Can I please have a Maxmis dragionid, There are a few more things. A Maxmis Lion, a pokemon toys, May I have a few games? Can I have a playstationh 2 Please then a play stationh3,

Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer? I want a ds, and a laptop, and a xbox, and a puppy, and a lot of Junie B. Jones books, and Littles Pot Shop, and a hola hoop and a wii, and a skat board and a smart bord.

The following are letters from the Kindergarten class of Andes Central School:

Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like a IPod

Santa Claus
I would like a playcorner with kittens.
Love Tiana

Dear S
Dear Santa.
For Christmas I would like a boat
Love David

Dear Santa.
For Christmas I would like a watch

Dear Santa
For Christmas I would like a Ipod

Dear Santa
For Christmas I would like a clubhouse and a tre swig.
Love Abel

Dear Sata,
For Christmas I would like a guitar and a pick and a neck strap
Love Andrew

Dear Santa,
For Christmas, I would like a live pets.

Dear Santa
I would like a blue train named Thomas. Thank you Santa.
Love, Chazz

PS Also! Tool box, helicopter

I would like some tools and some lightning the Mcgueen Things and some more cars and some more sweatpants.
age 2

I would like a big doll and some more littiest pet shops and more Little Cabbage Patch dolls, big pet shops.
Love Maggie, age 6

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